I design, creating visual, products & experiences.
I also have designed marketing, PR & social media campaigns.

One of my favourite projects:
Nintendo | Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Press Event & Social Media

I designed and ran a media event for this latest instalment in the life simulation game, where the player lives a relaxed life in a town full of chatty animals, with fish and insects to catch, and time and seasons passes in realtime; so players learn about the world.
The challenge was to engage press for a game that already launched with much fanfare in Japan, and the European  version arrived almost two years later.

Press Event: We invited the developers of the game to London, with a focus on the female game designer and the angle of women in gaming. I also had a surprise guest, the composer of the game music who rarely
participates in media activities, join via the Wii U Chat system during a group interview.

Event Space: With the game series beloved and rich with detail, we surprised press with an event space that was dressed to look like entering the Animal Crossing world for real: with astroturf on all surfaces, animals plushes and pictures, and a close attention to detail such as replicating fortune cookies found in-game. The result was new and interesting articles and videos that were timed with the European launch, and helped to bring attention to the fact that this was the instalment that fans shoud graduate to and buy a new Nintendo 3DS system for. The title is the second best-selling version of the game to date.

Social Media: This was rolled out on Facebook, and a dedicated page about Animal Crossing was maintained, including ingame events to remind players about their towns; bridging real life on Facebook with the Animal Crossing Life in each player’s console.