I make things happen.

I’m an enthusiastic & energetic Londoner, with a rowdy sense of humour & desire to make things; relishing using unorthodox ways to help people see the world in a new light.
I design visuals, products and experiences & specialise in projects on food, food history & contemporary food design, I also manage events & consult on projects with a humanistic approach.

I offer a unique blend of technical & creative skills: as a multidisciplinary designer for ten years as Central Saint Martins alumnus, eight year’s PR & Marketing experience as European PR & social media Manager, & strategist & problem-solver as Product Analyst at Nintendo of Europe in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I have worked with Starship Technologies, Heal’s Tendeter, Bompas & Parr and more.

Always eager to help people with their projects – & I love good chat – so feel free to get in touch.

I’m available on:
+ 44 (0) 777 1680 567

I’m also available on:

I’m UK-based, & work internationally.

My passion lies in honesty in all forms of design, it just makes sense.
Everyone should be able to look at a graphic, or touch an object, & understand it.
The world is a funny old place, so things should rouse delight as well as function perfectly for its job. My creative path is very strongly linked to observation – watching people & studying their behaviour, understanding language of things, their history & stories they tell, documenting oddities & eccentricities.

Why “gnahoo”?

Dogs go “woof”. Ducks go “quack”.
While humans have can speak, it’s a cacophony of language & dialects, but what might be our signature noise?
I think, humans go “gnahoo”.

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