OKIDO Magazine | Insert Concepts


‘Help children to learn through play, stimulate creativity and inspire scientific interest’.

This is the ethos of OKIDO, a children’s arts & science educational magazine which has expanded beyond their print format to create ‘Messy Goes to Okido’, a TV series that teaches pre-school children about the world. This is now broadcast on the BBC Cbeebies & stars the character Messy Monster; the being that makes your bedroom a mess.

The OKIDO team wished to develop more products & apps with the same ethos in mind, & I currently working with them with some playful projects which are in progress.

Space Issue: Rocket Ship

Okido-Outside-Ship-01A still from Messy Goes to OKIDO showing the rocket ship

I had the opportunity to try out concepts designs for the card insert which is part of the magazine & features a toy or model that can be build out of the material, & the OKIDO team wished to have a model for a rocket ship, based on the one seen in the TV show.

Concept One

RocketSketchNewMedSketches exploring how to translate the 3D rocket shape into something that can be built from flat card

The idea was to show children how the “complex” rocket is built up of simple shapes, such as cones & cylinders, & an one-piece set folds up to make the 3D rocket.

RocketStepsSteps showing the construction of the rocket ship

RocketFinishedFinished Concept One maquette

Concept Two

I also created another rocket idea with the aim to surprise the child with an amazing 3D shape that could be built out of a flat sheet of card.


Beginning with sketches to explore both a 3D interesting shape that could be formed from 2D card, & strong structure that could last with repeated play.

RocketConcept3SketchStepsSketch of steps to build the Concept Two rocket


Detail of maquette, showing the special structure of the nose cone that folds out & over the tip to hold the rocket body sturdily together, also this meant the nose cone would be blunt so when it is inevitably thrown by a child, no one loses an eye!


Finished Concept Two maquette

Food Issue: Magic Sandwich

I also made concepts for a cardboard toy that encourages children to try out food combos in a fun, easy to build folding toy, that shows that


The idea was that the card insert would invite children to cut out little paper strips with different types of sandwich filling, fold & daub glue in the corners & lay four pieces togther to make wacky combinations with a surprise at the end.


Building the Magic Sandwich

This video shows the toy in action, keep “opening” the Magic Sandwich to reveal the different layers of filling & a fantastical surprise at the end.