Farpoint Productions | Logo Design


A client project for Farpoint productions, a videography and photography company who create mostly documentaries, and asked me to design its branding and logo.

First off, I wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of what Farpoint productions stands for, brainstorming with the client the tenets of the company:

– creates authentic connections between real humans – with subjects and audiences.
– Draw attention to things no other people can see
– More than what’s on the surface level, deeper stories

With this important core defined, and additional points – that it should be monochrome – I could start sketching…



For this idea, I played with the concept of gazing and comprehending the universe / millions of stars, literally a point far away, taking inspiration from beautiful shots of the night skies. Using the camera lens imagery to link back to videography, an easy to read symbol and also equally lens have a beautiful quality.

Taking a cue from the idea of “seeing details that no other can see”, I symbolised this with an asterisk, a symbol taken from print/text but I felt added realism to the logo.  A nod to looking at the skies with little flourishes around logo to signify other stars yet to be scrutinised.


For this idea, I toyed with the “human connection between audience and subject” – using the hands to framing subject with the hands. Hands are also strong symbols of craftsmanship, emotion, touch, and I wanted to combine these with the symbolism of camera / focus with viewfinder, FP can work as a icon in this vein.

Using bold line artwork, works on black on white or white on black, different effects with line (dashed etc.) can also be used to add details. Can play around with FP as acronym logo to fit in middle, and work well in the future as an animated ident.


Another idea was to play on “exploration / discovery theme”, where Farpoint Productions would be going somewhere with documentries others have not been before. Taking some cues from 2001 Space Odyssey (shiny positive futurism) and also Tom Gauld (whimsical).

I made a character which adds humanity to logo and can aslo be more light-hearted and easier to engage with as a form of mascot. The spaceman is standing on the dark side / unseen side of the moon – drawing attention to something other’s can’t see / haven’t seen before. Also can work well as animated ident, e.g. animated spaceman planting a flag.


The client liked the Spaceman concept the best, so it was time to refine the logo, as there were several elements to resolve:


I sketched out different directions for the spaceman, more cartoonish? Stylised? Realistically scaled? Holding the flag?

The client really liked the hands on the hipsd and androgynous nature of the character, and opted for something simple and close to the original design.


The logo was to be monochrome, which allows for a nice variety and range of grey tones, however I felt the logo would be cleaner with up to 5 colours tops.

For this I divided up the gradients of the moon and details such as the craterse in such a way that would look believable


The flag planted on the moon was an important symbol, however it presented an issue which was there was a “logo in a logo” with a “FP” on the flag and I felt made everything seem busy. I sketched out some ways to include the flag in the logo in a way that didn’t complicate the overal logo, including a logo that was a flag in itself.

This was eventually resolved by making the flag a callback to the light and dark sides of the moon, and the flag shape being used in maps to pinpoint a location.


Utilising Google Font’s impressive library for fonts, I generated some space and sci-fi flavoured font diretions.

The client however still preferred the original Monofett font, I especially liked that splitting the font over two levels could carry on the light and dark sides of the moon imagery and we chose to highlight “Farpoint”.

Final Logo

The final logo has white and black background options, and has a whimsical and unique look that really connects with the client’s company tenets. Also the space theme has plenty of additional fun symbolism to utilise across branding such as stars, planets and exploration on business cards, websites and beyond.