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‘Help children to learn through play, stimulate creativity and inspire scientific interest’. This is the ethos of OKIDO, a children’s arts & science educational magazine which has expanded beyond their print format to create ‘Messy Goes to Okido’, a TV series that teaches pre-school children about the world. This is now broadcast on…(Read More)

Homebrew | Beer Concept Design


“Design a new premium lager brand and packaging for the self-conscious male, who desires a genuine quality lager.” The client was Molson Coors Brewery in this branding and packaging project, and the new product had to satisfy many conditions, from being an organic lager with ‘eco-packaging’, to being a trendy new brand. First…(Read More)

Modern Picnic Design


A collaborative project where I designed products for outdoor eating, beginning with observing people eating in parks and taking inspiration from patterns, textures and materials at picnics, we uncovered customs of outdoor eating to investigate. When we go on a picnic it is generally a spontaneous, improvised event, taking advantage of fair weather and free…(Read More)