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A client project for Farpoint productions, a videography and photography company who create mostly documentaries, and asked me to design its branding and logo. First off, I wanted to get into the nitty-gritty of what Farpoint productions stands for, brainstorming with the client the tenets of the company: – creates authentic connections between real humans…(Read More)

‘Help children to learn through play, stimulate creativity and inspire scientific interest’. This is the ethos of OKIDO, a children’s arts & science educational magazine which has expanded beyond their print format to create ‘Messy Goes to Okido’, a TV series that teaches pre-school children about the world. This is now broadcast on…(Read More)

I made a care package for a friend living abroad, the idea was that he had a duty to his “British Belly” to fill it with things it misses – including tea, preserves and sweets. I styled the package with custom-made wrapping paper and a card…(Read More)