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I had the unique opportunity to working with Bompas & Parr to create a gruesomely delicious  experience in the immersive theatre dining show Dinner at the Twits. This was a special production based on the Roald Dahl book The Twits, which was part of the Roald Dahl centennary that celebrated one-hundred years since his…(Read More)

Biscuit Design


Improving the British biscuit for greater teatime enjoyment I did an exploration on biscuit design initially inspired by the news that Nestle’s attempt to patent the KitKat was rejected by European courts, with an intriguing remark that a trademark cannot consist exclusively of: “a) the shape which results from the nature of the goods…(Read More)

Ice Cream Empire | Book


Ice Cream Empire is an artbook that I’m art directing & writing –  part documentary, part art collection – that explores & celebrates the uniquely British ice cream industry A photojournalistic journey from past to present, interwoven with personal stories of vendors, the iconic vans they drive, those who build them, & the ice cream…(Read More)

I made a care package for a friend living abroad, the idea was that he had a duty to his “British Belly” to fill it with things it misses – including tea, preserves and sweets. I styled the package with custom-made wrapping paper and a card…(Read More)

Homebrew | Beer Concept Design


“Design a new premium lager brand and packaging for the self-conscious male, who desires a genuine quality lager.” The client was Molson Coors Brewery in this branding and packaging project, and the new product had to satisfy many conditions, from being an organic lager with ‘eco-packaging’, to being a trendy new brand. First…(Read More)

Modern Picnic Design


A collaborative project where I designed products for outdoor eating, beginning with observing people eating in parks and taking inspiration from patterns, textures and materials at picnics, we uncovered customs of outdoor eating to investigate. When we go on a picnic it is generally a spontaneous, improvised event, taking advantage of fair weather and free…(Read More)