Bompas & Parr | Dinner at the Twits


I had the unique opportunity to working with Bompas & Parr to create a gruesomely delicious  experience in the immersive theatre dining show Dinner at the Twits. This was a special production based on the Roald Dahl book The Twits, which was part of the Roald Dahl centennary that celebrated one-hundred years since his birth.

The production brought to life the tale of a monstrous couple and their spiteful pranks on each other with actors in the roles of the titular Mr and Mrs Twit, but also as part of the Great Upside-Down Monkey Circus. I performed as part of the troop as a monkey waiter, engaging with dining guests – in character – of a sad imprisoned monkey to create a memorable experience.

The set piece was the arrival of Mrs Twit’s famous bird pie as the main course, brought in uproariously on a palanquin by myself and an army of whooping wild monkey waiters. Bompas & Parr created all the themed cocktails and food, including the pie, which was decorated spectacularly with a chicken claw.

Not quite the start of my acting career, but an incredible experience for monkey waiters and dinner guests alike!

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